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GrizzlyStik Broadhead Case – Protect up to 6 razor-sharp fixed-blade broadheads with this compact, durable broadhead case. Whether you need to store or travel with your broadheads this case is perfect for your next bowhunting trip. Great for your hunting pack, suitcase, or while in a treestand. 

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Key Features:

  1. Secure Storage for 6 Broadheads: With room for six broadheads, our case provides a snug and secure fit, preventing any unwanted movement during transportation. Each broadhead has its designated place, reducing the risk of damage and maintaining sharpness for that critical shot.

  2. Rugged and Protective Construction: The exterior of the case is built with tough, resistant materials to shield your broadheads from the elements and accidental bumps. The interior is lined with durable but protective fabric, and elastic bands that fit onto the ferrule to prevent any movement that causes unnecessary wear and tear.

  3. Compact and Portable: The slim, compact design of our broadhead case allows for easy integration into your hunting setup. Slip it into your backpack or your suitcase – the convenient size ensures it won't weigh you down while providing the protection your broadheads deserve.

  4. Reliable Zipper Closure System: Embrace worry-free durability with our broadhead case's innovative zipper closure system. Unlike traditional latches that may be prone to breakage, our heavy-duty zipper ensures a seamless and dependable seal, keeping your broadheads securely stowed while withstanding the challenges of your outdoor pursuits. Trust in the longevity of your equipment as you embark on each hunting expedition, knowing that our zipper design adds an extra layer of resilience to your essential gear.
  5. Precision-Fit Foam Insert: Elevate the care and protection of your broadheads with our thoughtfully designed case featuring a precision-fit foam insert. This foam insert shields the broadhead, providing a secure and snug fit that minimizes movement during transportation. The high-density foam not only absorbs shocks but also prevents unnecessary wear, ensuring your broadheads stay razor-sharp and intact for that crucial shot. Hunt with confidence, knowing that our broadhead case goes the extra mile to safeguard your gear against the elements and the demands of the hunt.

Caution: Does not fit 6 OverKill Silver Flame 200 XXL Broadheads

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6" x 4" x 1.75"

6 oz

Holds 6 fixed-blade broadheads

Foam insert for added protection and to reduce movement

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