Overkill Crossbow Gamer X Bolt 6-Pack


The X Bolt Crossbow bolts can withstand the power of the latest crossbows, fly true, and have the knock-down power needed to get the job done. The X Bolt Crossbow bolts are optimized with the EFOC (Extreme Forward of Center) design to help stabilize the arrow in flight. The X Bolt includes half-moon nocks and a specially designed brass insert. Victory’s Spine Alignment process increases the accuracy and they come hand-fletched with Fusion X-II vanes. 


(.003 Straightness)

6 Per Pack


Overkill Crossbow Bolt and Broadhead Package

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When it comes to the world of crossbow hunting, your choice of equipment can make all the difference. Tested by Victory Archery, the X Bolt offers crossbow hunters durability and accuracy for their hunting needs. These premium crossbow bolts seamlessly combine cutting-edge technology with the expertise of the top crossbow brands in the industry. With excellent performance shooting from Ravin, Barnett, TenPoint, Parker, and Excalibur crossbows these bolts are versatile and set the industry standard for compatibility across all major crossbow brands.


Key Features of Victory X Bolt Crossbow Bolts:

  • Premium Materials: Crafted from the finest carbon materials, these bolts offer a perfect balance of strength and lightweight performance.

  • Exceptional Straightness: Victory's strict quality control measures ensure that each bolt is straight and true, promoting consistent accuracy.

  • Optimized Fletching: The vanes are carefully designed for maximum stabilization and improved downrange accuracy.

  • Impactful Momentum: Pair with a heavy single-bevel broadhead these bolts are maximized for penetration and bone-splitting ability.

  • Compatibility: Victory X Bolt Crossbow Bolts are compatible with a wide range of crossbow brands, including TenPoint, Barnett, Excalibur, Parker, and Ravin.



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physical specs of crossbow boltsperformance specs for crossbow bolts


Shaft Length (in) = 20"

Total Weight (grain) = 325 grains

Insert Weight (grain) = 110 grains

Shaft ID (in) = .300

Shaft OD (in) = .334

Straightness = .003

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