GrizzlyStik Dual Field Sharpener

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GrizzlyStik Exclusive!

The GrizzlyStik Dual Field Sharpener is super easy to use and it's great for in the field touch-ups of your knives and broadheads.

This handy tool sharpens single bevel and double bevel broadheads whether they're straight edged, concaved, or convexed.

It's great for sharpening; hunting knives, fishing knives, and even kitchen knives.

At just under 3.5", and weighing less than an unce, carry one in your pack or pocket whenever you're in the field. Whether skinning your trophy or processing fish for a shore lunch, keep your tools sharp with the GrizzlyStik Dual Field Sharpener.


The GrizzlyStik Dual Field Sharpener is designed to take the guesswork out of sharpening by maintaining the correct sharpening angles for you on all single bevel and double bevel knives and broadheads.

Single Bevel Broadhead Note: We designed the GrizzlyStik Dual Field Sharpener for our GrizzlyStik line of single bevel broadheads but our customers report that it works well on any single bevel broadhead with a 25 degree edge bevel.


Simply place GrizzlyStik Dual Field Sharpener bottom side down (the thin section on any firm surface and draw your knives or broadheads through the appropriate slot toward. Because the carbon carbide sharpening blades (92.6 Rockwell) are harder than the steel, they literally "shave" steel off your knives or broadheads at the proper cutting angles.


Our GrizzlyStik Dual Field Sharpener will never destroy your broadheads temper, unlike heat-generating, grinding-wheel type sharpeners.


Like your broadhead blades honed for the finished edge?


The GrizzlyStik Dual Field Sharpener features a convenient 800 grit sharpening stone on the back side.


Tip: If your carbide blades eventually loose effectiveness simply unbolt and reverse the blades - you'll get a lot more use out of the sharpener.


Replacement blades are available making it a lifetime tool.


Sharpening Tips:


Use only light downward pressure, excessive force can cause chattering on your edges.

Pull toward yourself when sharpening. Never push away.

If a broadhead is taking a while to get sharp - use more strokes, not more pressure



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