Big Game Tools

Big Game Tools - The .550 Magnum, the .470 NE & the Dr. Ashby 315. Why do so many Dangerous Game PH's recommend the forged Ashby 315 broadhead?

1. Track record - repeatable reliability and earned trust, even when things go wrong.
2. Performance - every inch of an arrow penetrates has a direct effect on the safety of my clients and crew. The Ashby 315 delivers arrow penetration.
3. Happy customers - great stories, more media, more referrals, repeat business.
Over the past decade, the Ashby 315 has earned the Gold Standard with Africa’s dangerous game PH’s. With over 1,800 testimonials from successful customers and PH’s, the GrizzlyStik system is proven to be the .375 H&H (or bigger) of bowhunting – it works every time. Don’t take our word for it, if you have booked a dangerous game safari, ask your PH what equipment he recommends on Black Death. Chances are he'll be recommending you hunt with the Ashby 315.
: South African based PH Jason van Aarde @550magnum_h_j_outdoors

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