Media Rebel

Every so often, someone comes along and starts doing things differently. Jared Scheffler of Whitetail Adrenaline just so happens to be one of those people.

Jared was looking to create something "Real" in outdoor media. A series of No sponsorship, in-the-raw, self guided, self filmed, pubic land hunting videos. Would it ever work? After 9 (working on 10) public land videos and some absolutely amazing bowhunting success, we sure think so.

At GrizzlyStik, we've never had a Pro Staff or media sponsorship. We've never seen the point in paying someone to shoot and endorse our products. Instead, we choose to focus solely on guide, PH, and "Real" customer testimonials and success.

Lucky for us, Jared happens to be one of our real customers. His arrow & broadhead system of choice? GrizzlyStik Momentum arrows tipped with Silver Flame XXL broadheads.

Much respect for Jared for breaking the mold and proving outdoor media can be a success without doing it the same old way. Hopefully more will follow in your footsteps.

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