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Momentum vs KE Calculator

Incorrectly benchmarked in bowhunting, KE has absolutely no indication of penetration or for measuring the tissue destruction protentional of projectiles traveling less than 2500 fps.  In fact, KE was never intented to be used to messure arrow penetration (read more here).


Momentum is a much better measurement for penetration potential than kinetic energy is.  See why below...

We provide this momentum vs kinetic energy calculator here so you can figure out the the penetration power your set-up is generating.

What you can see here is that lighter, faster arrows may have a higher KE value than a slower moving heavier arrow - but they may have the exact same momentum value.


All momentum is not created equal. A slower moving heavier arrow will have a greater 'time of impulse' than a lighter faster arrow with the same momentum value. The slower heavier arrow will be able to push into an animal or into a bone longer than a lighter faster arrow with the same momentum value because inertia comes into play as well.

Enter your information below and you will see the Kinteic Energy value and the Momentum value for your specific arrows.

Note: The decimal should be moved over two places. For example, if the calculator serves up a momentum value of 50.25 it is actually .5025

Kinetic Energy / Momentum Calculator

Enter Arrow Weight AND Arrow Velocity then press the "Calculate" button:

Arrow Weight (grains)

Arrow Velocity

Kinetic Energy

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