Building Arrow "SLUGS"

How Big is Your Bullet? In dangerous game rifle hunting, bullet (slug) weight and bullet penetration potential have a direct correlation. More slug weight = more bullet penetration = more lethal performance. Think of a .500 NE shooting a 600-grain solid.......everything stops right now.


In our standard 950-grain dangerous game arrows, over half the total arrow weight is the Slug upfront.


The same holds true in dangerous game bowhunting. At GrizzlyStik, we gauge our arrow's penetration potential on the size of that arrow's "Slug."

We measure the arrow "Slug" as the broadhead + insert + brass footing

The heavier your arrow slug, the higher your arrow FOC

The heavier an arrow's Slug, the higher the potential for our arrow's to penetrate. For example, our 950-grain Cape buffalo system breaks down into a 350-grain arrow - with a 600-grain Slug up front.


We ask our dangerous game customers to think of it this way - You're now shooting a 600-grain bullet and the arrow is now just for guidance and steering system. The Slug does all the penetrating and cutting.




How big of a 'Slug' do you shoot? If you're not getting pass-thru performance on Dangerous Game, perhaps it's time to change your thinking......

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