New to High FOC Arrows - 5 Common Questions

High FOC Arrow Builds - Helpful or Hype? Increasing the FOC (Forward-of-Center) of your arrow and broadhead build is one of the easiest ways to see an instant improvement in your arrow's efficiencies of both flight and penetration. What? You're Skeptical........Good! Don't believe everything you hear or everything you read for that matter. Do your own research. Test things out for yourself. Don't fall for marketing hype, prove to yourself what works and what doesn't.

Here at GrizzlyStik, we built an entire arrow and broadhead system based on the amazing eye-opening test results and reports published by Dr. Ed Ashby many years ago. First, we created an arrow and broadhead system that followed all 12 of the penetration enhancement factors identified by Dr. Ashby. Then we tested our arrow and broadhead system in actual bowhunting situations in the field because, after all, arrow lethality is what we were after.

What did we find? It worked! All the bowhunters, all of them, were amazed. Professional hunters in Africa had never seen arrows do this kind of damage before. Guides and outfitters in North America were shocked to see bowhunters getting through moose and elk shoulder blades. Serious bowhunters all over the world were amazed at the penetration and performance they were seeing! GrizzlyStik was on to something - something big.

Bull Elk with Dr Ed Ashby's Big Game System

Each shot opportunity on a big game animal takes a tremendous amount of work and a little bit of luck. That's the game. Maximize your odds of success with each of your precious opportunities. Maximize your potential for arrow penetration at your lethal distance, even if things go wrong. Following Dr. Ashby's rules and shooting high FOC arrow & broadhead systems will make you a more successful bowhunter.....period.

A killer arrow and broadhead system are what bowhunters all over the world needed. Bowhunters were wounding and losing way too many animals. Even on whitetails, bowhunters weren't even able to get arrows through the shoulder blades of these fairly small animals.

The end result we called the GrizzlyStik System. The GrizzlyStik arrow and broadhead system provided the arrow lethality and performance that put big game animals down for good - even when things went wrong. Now bowhunters didn't have to fear the bone. They could focus on the path the arrow needed to travel to reach the vitals and take the shot.

What can Soda Straws Teach Us about Arrow FOC?

Ed Schlief, the late founder of Alaska Bowhunting Supply and the GrizzlyStik brand gives us a simple demonstration of the effects of FOC on the flight of a projectile. What's the FOC of your current arrow system?

Now complete pass-throughs have become the norm. Bowhunters expected pass-throughs and they got them. They expected to get through heavy bone, and they did. They expected to kill the animals they shot rather than wound them, and they did.

How? Seriously! What the heck was going on? Heavier arrows, higher FOC percentages, single bevel fixed blade broadheads. How could these arrow and broadhead builds be so much more lethal than what most of the bowhunters were shooting?

Heavy arrows with FOC percentages aren't exactly new, they can be documented back to the beginning of man. Lucky for all bowhunters today, Dr. Ashby of the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation spent over 30 years researching and documenting arrow lethality and penetration. What secrets did the good doctor find?


1. Structural integrity

2. Perfect arrow flight

3. Arrow FOC (forward-of-center)

4. Broadhead mechanical advantage

5. Shaft diameter

6. Arrow mass

7. Blade edge finish

8. Shaft profile

9. Broadhead/shaft silhouette

10. Type of edge bevel

11. Tip design

12. Arrow mass (650+ grains) above the heavy bone threshold

Over the past decade, GrizzlyStik has designed a killer arrow and broadhead system that has proven itself in the field on literally tens of thousands of big game animals. We accomplished this by closely following, addressing, refining, and then building each of Dr. Ashby's 12 penetration enhancement factors into our ultra-lethal arrow and broadhead system.

Alaskan Brown Bear taken with Dr Ed Ashby's Dangerous Game System

Looking for one arrow & broadhead system to hunt everything with? GrizzlyStik has you covered. As you scroll through our extensive customer testimonial section, you'll find testimonials for almost all the North American and African 29 game animals. Our customer's success has proven one system can truly do it all.

Still, think it's just high FOC hype?

Fair enough, don't take our word for a matter of fact:

  • We recommend you test for yourself.
  • We want you to start getting reliable pass-throughs.
  • We want you to be able to break any heavy bone your arrow hits.
  • We want you to be more confident when you hunt.
  • We want you to make the most of every bowhunting opportunity you get.

You've worked hard. You've got a lot invested in every hunt you go on. It's time to shoot an arrow and broadhead system that puts the odds in your favor. It's time for you to incorporate all 12 of the Ashby penetration enhancement factors into your arrow and broadhead builds. Follow the Ashby rules? and you will enjoy much more bowhunting success.

Dr Ed Ashby's Big Game System on Whitetails

Performance all bowhunters should expect. This GrizzlyStik Momentum arrow built to 650 grains total (24% FOC) tipped with a Silver Flame broadhead was shot from a 70# bow. Full broadhead penetration after hitting the near-side scapula and then breaking the off-side humerus.

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