Easiest Way To Better Arrow Penetration

The easiest way to increase penetration on big game animals is to put any of our GrizzlyStik broadheads on your current arrows. We want you to be successful. We're bowhunters, we know what it's like. We know how important every shot opportunity is - and most of us have seen some pitiful arrow penetration and terrible broadhead performance.

We didn't want this to EVER happen to you again!

Broadhead failure Broadhead Failure
Broadhead failure Broadhead failure

If your broadhead fails, nothing else matters. It's the one piece of bowhunting equipment that has to work every time.

Then one day we hear about, or see some pictures of bowhunters shooting heavier arrows with two-blade cut-on-contact broadheads - and they've got some impressive animals on the ground. Smiles all around......But heavier arrows - Really?

When all your friends and even the pro-shops preach "light and fast" - after a while one doesn't know any other way of thinking. If someone has never shot heavier arrows and has never seen how much more effective heavier arrows and fixed two-blade broadheads can be, they don't even know it's an option!

When someone tries talking to them about heavier arrows and cut-on contact fixed blade broadheads it goes against everything they've been told - so there's natural resistance. Especially when they hear us here at GrizzlyStik recommending arrow and broadhead set-ups of 650 grains.

Steve Greenwood of Victory Archery Silver Flame BroadheadsSteve Greenwood, President of Victory Archery recorded a complete pass-through on this NZ stag - at 52 yards - shooting our Silver Flame broadheads on his Victory VAP TKO arrows.

We get it - Not everyone is going to be willing to jump all the way to 650 grains of total arrow and broadhead weight no matter how good it might sound and how many bowhunters share their success with that sort of setup.

The better question might be: What ARE you willing to do to get better penetration and better broadhead lethality performance?

That's what this page is all about - The easiest way for you to test this all for yourself is to - Try our cut-on-contact 2-blade broadheads on the arrows you're already shooting. We have broadheads as light as 100 grains. Whatever arrows you are already shooting - just pick up a pack of our tough, sharp-as-hell, cut-on-contact broadheads and try them for a season. It's amazing what they can do - even on lighter arrows.

Penetration from frontal shot with Samurai single bevel broadheadWe do recommend that you test the heaviest broadhead you're comfortable with. It will increase your FOC (Forward of Center) percentage which increases penetration, arrow flight consistency, and wind resistance. Most bowhunters that start by trying our broadheads on their arrows go with either 100-grain or 125-grain broadheads but we have broadheads that go all the way up to 350 grains. But the most important thing is to try them! Whichever weight you want to try. You'll never know what you're missing if you don't try them and if you're tired of some shots penetrating and some shots not penetrating - give GrizzlyStik broadheads a try this season!

Fixed 2-Blade Broadhead Facts

GrizzlyStik fixed blade broadheads can fly like field points. Many of our bowhunters report that their broadheads are flying just like their field points. When they're not - turning the bow is still needed.

GrizzlyStik fixed blade broadheads come hair-shaving sharp right out of the package. Many modular and expandable broadheads do not come with razor-sharp blades. GrizzlyStik broadheads will shave hair right from the package. They come ready to hunt.

GrizzlyStik single-bevel broadheads can split, then blow through shoulder blades and other bone when powered by a heavy enough arrow. Read more about that here: The Top 12 Penetration Enhancement Factors

Silver Flame Broadhead results Silver Flame Broadhead results
Silver Flame Broadhead results Silver Flame Broadhead results

GrizzlyStik fixed blade broadheads are spin-tested at the factory. This ensures proper alignment and balance for perfect flight.

GrizzlyStik fixed blade broadheads are tough and reliable. No more blades that fail to deploy, or break off during deployment.

GrizzlyStik fixed blade broadheads can be used over and over. Shoot an animal - touch up the blade - and shoot another animal - repeat. (One of our bowhunters got 13 animals with the same arrow and broadhead before losing it in the field.)

We even have a one-year guarantee. See details here: GrizzlyStik Broadhead Guarantee

What's the easiest way to increase your arrow performance & penetration? Shoot GrizzlyStik cut-on-contact broadheads on your arrows! Try them this season, and send us pictures of you and your bowhunting success.Whitetail Adrenaline shoots the Dr Ed Ashby Big Game SystemFor more arrow lethality information read on.....If only someone would take the time to test what works for optimum penetration in all situations - that would help.

Someone did - his name is Dr. Ed Ashby and for 27 years he tested arrow and broadhead performance - independent of all manufacturer ties. He published all his findings through the years in what is now known as the Dr. Ed Ashby Reports. (You can read them HERE)

There are a lot of reports - so Dr. Ashby came up with his Top 12 Penetration Enhancement Factors. In that report, he lists 12 things that have a cumulative effect on arrow performance and arrow lethality. The Top 12 Penetration Enhancement Factors report is concise and easy to read. After reading it you will see why we are so confident that just by adding our broadheads to the arrows you're already using you will see a tremendous increase in performance and penetration. (You can read the report HERE)

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