No Such Thing As Overkill

How many shot chances do you think you'll have in your lifetime? No matter your level of bowhunting experience - the answer is always "Not Enough." Two of our goals at GrizzlyStik are to help bowhunters maximize the precious few opportunities they get while simultaneously increasing the odds of a quick/clean kill.

Bowhunting is an imperfect sport. A hunt can go perfectly and animals can be still wounded and never recovered. Our stated goal is to drive our customer's wound/loss numbers as close to zero as possible. How do we do that? Good question, our first mission is to improve the odds of the hunter as high as possible and reduce the odds of survival as low as possible for the game.

What If Things Go Wrong? Here's an've dreamt of hunting Cape buffalo for years and just as you take your shot of a lifetime, something goes very wrong. As you watch this video you'll notice the arrow making a wild paradox before impact. What you can't see off-frame is the hunter's arrow strikes a (ghost) branch directly out of the bow causing the extremely erratic arrow flight before impact. The deflection caused the arrow to hit extremely high -Now What?

This is a perfect example of why "There's No such thing as OVERKILL" isn't just a marketing slogan, it's our manufacturing mindset. The Ashby 315 broadhead still had enough mass mixed with structural integrity to overcome the branch, arrow flight, and a high spine hit. As you can see, the Ashby still had enough "Overkill" to sever the buffalo's spine and knock an 1800-pound animal off his feet.

The industry dogma has often blamed wound/loss on the archer and poor "shot placement."We completely disagree, we've made too many of our own mistakes. The distance can be misjudged, branches can get hit, nerves can be rattled and animals can move. In those real-world scenarios, what happens to your arrow penetration then? How can we depend on shot placement when our target is alive and moving? Repeating this industry dogma of picking a spot on, while shooting a light, low FOC arrow has lead to 50% wound/loss ratios in states. We find those numbers completely unacceptable, especially when we have Dr. Ashby's research to reference.

We have found to maximize any bowhunting opportunity, the chances of lethal arrow penetration go up as the weight of the arrow increases. Arrows and broadheads kill through laceration (bleeding) caused by penetration (depth of wound channel). Body movement (ducking & turning) and penetration barriers (bones) are major obstacles to gaining lethal arrow penetration and must be addressed and overcome.

Any guess what animal this snapped scapula came from? If your arrow has ever stopped penetrating after a heavy bone's time to educate yourself on Dr. Ashby's 12 arrow penetration enhancement factors. Over the past 15 years, GrizzlyStik has followed the 'Ashby Rules' and refined our 650 grain, tapered arrow, high FOC, single bevel system to break a heavy bone and shoot through any animal in North America.

Since 1994, our customer base has switched from 90% traditional shooters to 90% compound shooters. We learned long ago, arrows & broadhead systems don't care what type of bow they're shooting from. The fundamental principles of arrow flight are fixed, regardless of the type of bow you shoot. Perfect flight is a product of the shooter matching their arrow spine, arrow length, head weight, draw length and bow poundage.


The GrizzlyStik system of tapered arrows and broadheads is completely modular and easily tunes from all types of bows (especially in heavy, high FOC builds). As an example, the same 240 spined shafts can be built to 450 grains total with a 100-grain head or all the way up to 1250 grains total with a 315-grain head and stacked brass footing. Our continuous tapered shafts are wrapped in 3K woven carbon and deliver unmatched arrow FOC and structural integrity. The Momentum TDT arrows are built for us by Victory Archery and they "shoot like darts"......because that's what they are - lethal darts.


"This Isn't a Tickling Contest" - Before the 950-grain GrizzlyStik system, dangerous game hunters had several homemade recipes for building arrows. Stuffers were the norm (sleeving a shaft with a shaft) along with adding salt, sand, or lead shot inside the arrow shaft to build up mass weight and structural integrity. Not very sophisticated technology when hunting an animal that could tap dance on your head.


The resulting arrow performance ranged from 'meh' to downright dangerous. PHs of the day will tell you, 8 out of 10 buffalo had to be dispatched with the rifle due to poor arrow penetration.

GrizzlyStik wanted to change that. We knew bowhunters and their PHs needed a system that could be used straight from the box to proficiently kill buffalo. Following Dr. Ed Ashby's 30 years of empirical arrow penetration testing, we designed and built our system utilizing tapered, high FOC arrows and razor-sharp, forged single-bevel broadheads. The results over the past decade?


Over 2,100 confirmed - archery kill - Cape & Asiatic buffalo. GrizzlyStik has earned the gold standard with the world's best PHs and our customer names dominate the top of the Safari Club International record books. We've been guided by Dr. Ashby's motto "No Such Thing As OverKill" for years.

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